After adding the dll to the Oracle Service Cloud, below are the steps required to show addin button in the ribbon.


  • Open the workspace and click the “Ribbon” button to open the Ribbon Designer.
  • Click the “Edit Tab” button, and “Add Group” button to add a group.
  • Click “Edit Group” and “Add buttons” to add the button.
  • The “Add/Remove buttons” window opens where we can see the add-in button.
  • Select and add the add-in button to the group and click OK.
  • Save the workspace.
  • Preview the workspace to check if the button is in the ribbon. It is OK
  • Save and close the workspace

Also make sure that profile has rights to add-in. Below are the steps to provide addin rights to the profile.

  • Open the profile.
  • Go into the Add-Ins tab.
  • Check the addins for which you want to access in the profile.